Frequently Asked



General FAQs

How much is the retainer fee?
$300 non-refundable retainers fee. Check, cash, credit card via Venmo/PayPal accepted.

Do you carry Liability insurance?
Yes, our Insurance policy covers us up to $2,000,000.00

Can I have a band plug in their instruments to your system?
Yes only for a limited number of equipment just have them bring their own RCA input wire . However, for full band it is additional cost.

Can I make changes to my program timeline after I submitted it?
Yes. Just send the new list and schedule final meeting to recap program.

Do we have to choose all the songs that will be played?
We recommend to submit a “Do Not Play List”, your favorite songs and your guest requests if you have any.

Do we need to provide meal?
It is not required to provide a meal but it is a nice gesture since they will typically be at your location for at least 7 hours including set-up and break down. Some event sites have vendor meals for a reduced price.

Do you have microphones?

How many are in your team?
Most of the time, the DJ comes with a partner to help throughout the event; Photo Booth will have 2 attendants.

Do you have a back up?
Yes. Though it is extremely rare to be needed, we have backup set ups for our products and services.

Do you take breaks?
No. DJ does not take breaks. The music will play straight until the end of the event.

How do we book your company?
You may book online through

How do I submit my request list?
You may email your “must play” and “do not play” list to

How do I cancel my event?
Cancellations must be in a form of writing. Email the cancellation later then follow up with a call to make sure we received your letter. The full cancellation policy is stated on the contract.

Is the retainer non-refundable?
Yes. However, you may apply it towards any future date as agreed.

Should we give tip?
Though gratuity is never required, if you feel that we did an outstanding job, a gratuity (typically 15-20%) is always appreciated.

Do you do the announcements or emceeing? No. Emcee is a separate service.

What if something happens to our DJ/attendant and cannot make it to our event? In a very rare instance, we always have a back up and have a DJ for last minute emergencies.

What kind of equipment do you have?
Our systems are all self-contained. Laptops, JBL speakers and subs and are efficient for a job of 50-500 people, Pioneer turn tables, Chauvet lightings.

What do you wear?
For weddings and other formal events, DJ wears a polo shirt or longs sleeves and tie, unless otherwise requested. For non-formal events, our team wears a company polo/uniform. When do you need my request list and time line? We recommend 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

When is the payment due?
50% of the balance is due a month prior to the event and the remaining 50% is due a week prior to the event. Balance may be paid the night of, CASH only. Personal checks need to be sent in 1 week prior to your event.

Dance on the cloud FAQs:

Is the smoke that comes out of this machine hot?
No. It is cool and created by condensation … just like the fog you see in nature.

Is it safe?
The effect uses dry-ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, dipped into hot water. These are the only two items required to create low-lying fog! There are no chemicals, additives, oils or any other items which may trigger a condition. But please always consult with a doctor.

Can this set off fire alarms?
No, the fog stays low to the ground, and does not rise above your knees. With that said, the alarm systems at some venues are very sensitive and can possibly detect it. We have never had an incident where lowlying fog has set off any alarms. Your venue manager would be the best person to ask.

Does it cause a slippery condition?
Marble or similar floors will become slightly damp but unless your first dance involves a tap-dancing number, most floors are totally fine.